Protecting Your Information is Our Utmost Priority

At grplife, we make it our highest priority to ensure that your data is secure. We understand that there are countless individuals and groups that seek to maliciously exploit systems in order to benefit financially or in some other way. Along with standard information assurance practices (including encryption of data transfers using 128-bit encryption SSL/TLS certificates) we also implement software development practices and design principles which help to ensure secure processing of data.

To provide enhanced account security and prevent the likelihood of unauthorized account use or access, we also provide multi-factor authentication. When enabling this feature on their account, users will be required to provide a special one-time-use code, delivered to either a mobile phone or email address, which must be entered before continuing to login. To learn more about the benefits of multi-factor authentication, read this article.

Financial information is never stored on grplife servers. For payment processing we utilize carefully vetted partners (i.e. Stripe) who provide high levels of account protection and transaction assurances for our customers. All payment transactions are encrypted using the highest level of protection available today. Billing information (data concerning amounts owed and payments made) is only available to those authorized to see such data. These permissions are carefully controlled using fine-grained account management functions.

Information stored about customers (follow-up and/or lead data) is only viewable by those who have been authorized at your site to view such information. Site administrators, group owners, and group managers possess the authority to block or allow individuals within your site to read information stored concerning contacts, companies, or other organizations associated with a group. This information is not available outside of your site and is not viewed by members of the grplife staff unless directed to do so by authorized site owners.

The grplife platform is hosted on the world-class, highly secure, and high availability AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure. Amazon's "cloud" service is relied upon by numerous small and large companies as well as government entities. The reliability guarantees provided by Amazon surpass most in the industry. To learn more about AWS security, please read this.

If you have questions regarding our security implementations or concerns regarding your information stored in the system, please contact our security team at