As a non-profit organization, committed to finding more effective ways of serving the community, it is important to remain current, relevant, prepared to handle growth. grplife (ci) is a private social networking system that helps you better engage those that serve the organization in order to become more effective at serving those in the community.
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grplife (ci) is a private social networking platform that allows your civic organization to share ideas, post events, important messages and documents, accept payments, alert when urgent issues arise, and more. With the features available, you'll discover how easy it can be to grow a more empowered volunteer base, a more informed staff, and a more defined mission.

Private and Secure

With grplife (ci) you and those in your organization maintain complete control over who participates in the groups you create and views the information you save in the system. These closed, invitation only groups help safeguard information, providing visibility only to those allowed. Unlike some other platforms, you'll never see ads and your information will never be shared for marketing or research purposes. The application is hosted using the world-class protection afforded by the AWS (Amazon Web Service) infrastructure, with encrypted transfers and carefully monitored account protection.

Nominal Cost

For the nominal monthly/annual fee you'll be provided with resources that far outweigh in benefit the monies spent. Because we don't allow advertisers, this cost helps defray the expense of maintaining the security and quality of the system.

grplife Civic Edition


Post short messages to your groups to keep them informed. Members will be notified and can comment as desired.

Photo Sharing

Store and manage image files from neighborhood events and documents required by those in the community.


Share items for sale or for free with members of your groups.

Private Messaging

Reduce email clutter by participating in group discussions and sharing private messages in a spam free, closed environment.


Gather information from group members through customized, easy to create questionnaires.


Announce upcoming events to group members. Store event attendance and generate reports.

Text Alerts

Send text alerts to those registering to receive them. Maintain an archive of past messages for review.

Event Attendance

Gather information regarding event attendance and run reports displaying who is and who isn't showing up.

Volunteer Registration

Quickly register new visitors and assign leaders to follow-up. The system gently notifies leaders of their responsibility.

Responsibility Manager

Manage individual assignments and responsibilities so that volunteers are informed of and notified when their services are requested.

Online Donations

Accept online payments from and store payment information for donors, allowing users to login and review their donation records, printing them for tax purposes, reducing the need for mailing.

Fund Raisers

Using an intuitive, user-friendly interface, design fund raising campaigns that can be shared with the community, allowing online payments to be made.

Multi-Branch Management

Provide oversight to multiple regions or branches, each with their own leadership, member and visitor lists, roles and responsibilites, etc. Directors can observe and help direct each branch's activites.

Lead Follow-Up

Store profile data regarding those served by your organization. Generate reports and be notified regarding who has been contacted, who hasn't and what concerns need to be addressed by your team, all with group controlled access.

Volunteer Campaigns

Create interactive online volunteer campaigns where members can register their involvement.

Registration Forms

Create online registration forms for small groups and events by generating custom registration links, QR codes and/or embedded HTML for websites.


Generate trackable newsletters using pre-made templates, or create at your own for greater customization.

Website Manager

Your grplife account includes a website that you can custom to meet the needs of your organization. Point your domain directly to your grplife site and further reduce cost and tools needed to manage your online presence.

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grplife Civic Edition Pricing
Marigold Plan - $40/month

All Features - No Mobile App

Hydrangea Plan - $60/month

All Features - With Mobile App

Price quoted is for accounts paid annually. No contract required. Add $5 per month to each plan if paying monthly.
Also, note that for payment processing features, additional transaction fees will be applied (currently 2.2% + .30 cents per transaction - Stripe).

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