Reach customers, engage teams, and develop a more productive work environment. grplife (cp) is a platform that combines social networking, customer relationship management, and team collaboration into a single platform.
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As a company, your ability to maintain healthy customer relationships directly hinges upon how well the members of your organization engage with one another and work together to achieve the company's mission. Healthy team relationships will ultimately lead to a more engaged customer. grplife (cp) is a private social networking platform that provides a means by which teams can collaborate and share ideas. By merging social networking, collaboration, and relationship management into one solution, grplife (cp) gives your company an edge.

Private and Secure

With grplife (cp) you maintain complete control over the groups, departments and divisions you create as well as oversight for who views the information you save in the system. These closed, micro-networks safeguard communication providing visibility only to those who need to know. For those requiring greater control, grplife can be deployed as a service in your own hosted environment. The application is hosted using the world-class protection afforded by the AWS (Amazon Web Service) infrastructure, with encrypted transfers and carefully monitored account protection.The application is hosted using the world-class protection afforded by the AWS (Amazon Web Service) infrastructure, with encrypted transfers and carefully monitored account protection.

Nominal Cost

For the nominal monthly fee (starting at $10 company per month - not per user) you'll be provided with resources that far outweigh in benefit the monies spent. Because we don't allow advertisers, this cost helps defray the expense of maintaining the security and quality of the system.

grplife Company Edition


Post short messages to your groups, customers and business partners to keep them informed. Members will be notified and can comment as desired.

Document Posting

Store and manage essential documents for retrieval and review by members of the company or external customers.

Group Conversations

Participate in group conversations in a form-like environment to reduce email traffic and centralize critical communication.

Private Messaging

Reduce email clutter by participating in group discussions and sharing private messages in a spam free, closed environment.


Gather information from team members and those external to the organization through customized, easy to create questionnaires.


Announce upcoming events to the team and business partners, applying recurrence rules for those events which occur periodically.

Customer Profile Management

Build customer profile pages and store important follow-up data from members of the team responsible for engaging with them

Text Alerts

For those who elect to receive them, send out urgent text alerts to team members, keeping them informed important developments.

Registration Forms

Create online registration forms for upcoming events, generating custom registration web pages, QR codes and/or embedded HTML for websites.

Responsibility Manager

Manage individual assignments and responsibilities so that teams informed of and notified when they have a duty assignment for ongoing projects.

Action Items

Assign responsibilities to team members and keep track of when items are due.


Generate trackable newsletters and/or notices for your customers using pre-made templates, or create at your own for greater customization.

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grplife Company Edition Pricing
Bluebottle - $10/month

Up to 10 Users

Marigold - $24/month

Up to 30 Users/p>

Dahlia - $63/month

up to 50 Users

Hydrangea - $94/month

up to 500 Users

Discounts available when paid either quarterly (3%) or annually (6%).
Also, note that for payment processing features, additional transaction fees may be charged.

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